Helen Matthews

Thank you for giving me new life!

Always being an active individual – playing netball, badminton, squash, cycling, skiing, swimming, hiking – I struggled with the deterioration of my knee joint to the extent that I couldn’t even walk to the corner shop without experiencing incredible pain. My husband joked that if he couldn’t see me in a crowd by my hair, he certainly could by my awkward gait – very unkind!

As you know I had my first operation in my late teens for the removal of loose bone followed by arthroscopes every ten years or so. Whilst they helped short-term I still struggled. Without being able to exercise like I wanted to I consequently put on the pounds and felt pretty unfulfilled.

Then you came into my life! After viewing my x-rays, educating me about the real condition of my knee you offered me a lifeline – a full knee replacement, or depending on the extent of the arthritis, a uni-compartmental replacement. You talked me through the whole procedure, pre-op, the operation on the day and post-op recovery.

With your professional and calming reassurance and a dose of humour thrown in, I didn’t have any hesitation in saying a big fat YES to the op – great that I was able to have a uni-replacement.

I took your advice re post-op recovery – dedicated physio at the hospital, and my own mini circuit round the house, muscle building exercise and, as important, the less weight you put through the joint = longevity. Simple! I embraced your advice, joined the gym, got back into physical exercises (because I could) and complemented my exercise regime with a healthy eating plan. Seven months on form my op I am a stone lighter, my fitness levels have significantly improved, I am happy, I am fulfilled!

It was good to see you for my final signing off. It was incredible to see my x-rays and reassuring to hear you performed the surgery to the exact millimetre.

A huge thank you for believing in me, recognising my determination and giving me the best gift ever!