My first ever blog post

July 2017

Dear friends,

Thank you for visiting The Knee Expert website and welcome to my first ever blog!

I guess I’m writing this, because I’m really passionate about knees and knee surgery, having been a patient myself at the age of 21 undergoing an ACL reconstruction. This allowed me to get back to playing sport, which is something I loved and still love in all its various forms. I’m privileged to be in the position I am, after many years of training and hard work to become a specialist knee consultant surgeon. I have been trained in the latest techniques, getting patients back on their feet in the quickest possible time.

My goal is to be the best possible surgeon I can be, providing the best and highest quality care and surgery to anyone who wishes to see me and seek my opinion.

Our Ethos is– teamwork, respect and building relationships with our patients. This coupled with the “6 steps to successful surgery” (Assessment; Diagnosis; Education and Pre-assessment; Surgery; Enhanced Recovery; Rehabilitation and Follow up) leads to great outcomes and happy patients.

I am also involved in research, as a senior lecturer at the University of Manchester. My interest is stem cells and their possible use in knee surgery, as well new biomaterials.
With this blog, I hope to talk about the knee, what can go wrong, what you can do, and what type of surgery might be available.

I hope you find it interesting and informative! If you do please like, follow etc…. you know what to do.
Thanks again for your interest and look out for the next blog! I think the best place to start would be anatomy of the knee.